is a specialist in the design and manufacture of a wide range of CNC rotary tables and index tables. At TANSHING we are dedicated to research and development and technological innovation continually.

From design, precision machining, to rigorous quality control, great care is taken to ensure an international quality level. TANSHING's products are widely recognized in both domestic and overseas markets. The innovative dual lead worm drive system has been patented in Taiwan which is indisputable proof of the superior R&D capability of TANSHING. TANSHING has been certied by AQSR ISO-9001 (U.S.A.). In order to ensure very high precision parts, TANSHING has invested heavily in various advanced machining equipment. 90% of our in-house parts machining allows us to fully control the parts accuracy, which provides a solid foundation for the superior quality of TANSHING CNC rotary tables and index tables.

TANSHING has always dedicated itself to pursuing higher levels of technology. It is always looking to the future, to new challenges and to new levels of high technology.

Technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence
Maintain the quality of product and develop new technologies and products to become an industry leader.
Nurturing talents, professional training
People make the best use of their talents, adapt their talents, improve their skills,provide diversified development and a transparent promotion system.
Quality service, create value
Provide customers with professional services, and are committed to improving service quality and developing good customer relationships.
Local business, sustainable operation
Provide local employment opportunities, promote the economy, and fulfill corporate responsibilities.

Purchased Coordinate Measuring Machine and KASHIFUJI 6-Axis CNC Hobbing Machine.


Introduced Tilting head for milling.


Introduced Dual-axis dual-arm cradle (3DD) mill-turn rotary table.


Certificate ISO9001:2015 approved.


Upgrade to Renishaw's latest Interferometric laser encoders.


Purchased the high-precision CNC worm grinding machine equipment, and Brown and Sharpe CMM.


Certificate ISO9001:2008 approved.


Purchased Coordinate Measuring Machine.


Established an agency relationship with France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.


Certificate AQSR ISO9001:2000 approved.


TANSHING has been highly recognised and well-known worlewide.We will participate international exhibitions-Taipei show ( TIMTOS,97 ) in March,China-Beijing show ( CIMT,97 ) in April , and Europe Machine show ( EMO,97 ) in September,We also imported Japanese smitomo CNC MULTI-FACE grinding machine.


TANSHING imported KASHIFUJI Precision Worm Gear Hobbing Machine from Japan,and moved into newly factory building. New development of 5TH Axis CNC Rotary Table has been acclaimed by domestic and overseas users.


The brand names of TANSHING and RTT have been registered worldwide,we are active in joining international machine tools exhibition.


Granted a patent for the new invention of Dual Lead. Latter patent No. 098511.


The company altered name as TANSHING with registered capital of NTD 12,000,000.Imported new facilities from USA, Germany, Switzerland and Japan, as a manufacturer of CNC Rotary Table.