Meet the needs of dedicated fields

Tanshing has mature 4th and 5th axis products that are widely used in major tool factories around the world, for various industries, including high-precision, high-load processing, such as aerospace, green energy machinery, medical equipment, electronics, electrical machinery, and automobiles. The processing and production of ships, molds, machine tools, and mechanical components provide the most suitable processing solutions and perfect customer service. Our service scope covers a number of industries and can meet customers' requirements in various fields, applications, and even special fields. Tanshing constantly pursues higher processing performance and high-efficiency products and is to provide you with the best product choice.

Aerospace Processing and Application Industry

The machining parts of the 5th axis rotating table with the machine tool include engine blades, casings, ring parts, aircraft cabin seat structural parts, national defense aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other processing industries.

Green Energy Machinery Processing and Application

Such as quantum heat engine parts, refrigerators and heat pumps, windmill wind turbine components, solar devices, hydroelectric turbines, geothermal power turbines, etc., and machine tools with large 4/5 axis rotation as machining parts applications.

Bicycle, electric vehicle, automobile, and ship parts processing industry

Commonly used in conjunction with machine tools, the 4th axis application is used in bicycles, electric bicycles, and fixtures for turning at any angle. The aluminum alloy shell of automobile and motorcycle gears is matched with fixtures. The multi-channel air-hydraulic distributor provided by the turntable is used for automatic installation. Clip production line processing.

Fluid component processing industry

Commonly used in conjunction with machine tools, four-axis applications are used for hydraulic valve components, pump housings, and fixtures for turning at any angle. The multi-channel gas and oil pressure distributor provided by the turntable is processed on an automated clamping production line.

Machine Tool Parts Processing Industry

Commonly used in conjunction with machine tools, four or five axis are used in machine tool components such as headstock, forging and casting shell parts, tool magazine parts, and machine tool four or five-axis indexing rotary tables.

Wafer Cutting Industry

The 4th or 5th axis indexing plate is used in the semiconductor industry for wafer manufacturing, ingot cutting, slicing, edge cutting, and grinding, etching, and other IC front-end manufacturing processes in conjunction with machine tools.

Automated component processing industry

Cooperating with automated machinery, 4/5 axis indexing plates are used in various production line applications such as mask machine production lines, strapping hand tools, automatic strapping machines, logistics conveying equipment, automobile, and locomotive production line, automatic special machine, semiconductor automation, electrical and electronic machinery production line.

All kinds of mold processing industry

The four-and-five-axis indexing plate is used in various mold processing industries such as various rubber, plastic, silicone injection, hot press molds, stamping molds, dental molds, and various metal die-casting molds.